Tuesday, 12 July 2016

AUB Costume degree show at the Oxo Tower Wharf, London

Multi-media costume designs by Edie B Smith
Exhibition design & model box by Zoe Parkinson
18th Century glory by Thomas Murphy
The BA Costume course at the Arts University Bournemouth showed a striking and energetic exhibition at the Oxo Tower Wharf last week. Thanks to creative exhibition design that solved the always-challenging brief of the touring exhibition, Arts University Bournemouth graduates stood out at the group show, which featured several out-of-London theatre design courses.

The course continues to deliver graduates with strong costume making skills and a multi-media approach to costume design. A genuine enthusiasm for costume in its widest sense is felt throughout; featured here are just a few pieces that stood out to me.

Edie B. Smith's use of collage and stitch on calico merged the designer and maker through the medium of costume design
Holly Isaacs' great 1930s tailoring is appropriately set in quite an art-deco manner thanks to the exhibition design by Zoe Parkinson
Intricate beadwork by Beth Hicks
Edie B Smith's costume designs riffed on domesticity and home sewing
Laura Sanders' pantomime dame costume feeds my current research into chinoiserie and costume
I couldn't not snap this fabulous & gold Isis costume by another Anushka - this was made by Annushka Rogers
Showcasing the diversity of students' costume making: tailoring, ballet, corsetry and period making.

Very best of luck to this year's graduates on their future paths!

Click here for more information on BA Costume and Performance Design at the Arts University Bournemouth.

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